An Insight Into My World

  I am a UX/UI Designer residing in Austin, Texas. I am of Mexican background and believe that my culture and my personal experiences have an influence in my design aesthetics and the type of art I do. I also think that life has taught me many things and over time I have increased my ability to empathize and understand the needs of others. 

   I decided to pursue a career in UX/UI Design as it is a field that combines different disciplines such as design, psychology, technology, and human interaction. I just love the idea that I can have a job where I create products that can help improve someone’s life.


  I studied fine arts at the University of Texas at Austin, where I obtained my BFA degree in the summer of 2010.   I went back to UT in the spring of 2019 and obtained a certificate in UX/UI.
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   I worked for 5 years as an art instructor for the Mexican American Center.  In the spring semester of 2016 I also worked an after school bilingual instructor for a nonprofit that serves underprivileged children and their families. Getting involved in these two different communities, has allowed me to learn and to be able to see the world from a different perspective.  
   Subsequently, I spent over two years working a Photo Editor/Teardowns Specialist for reverse engineering team at ABI Research. I currently hold a position as Content Creator as a Vaco contractor on site at Google, where I keep one of the highest productivity rates of my team.

Interesting Facts About Me