Trippee Travel  Planning App

Some users have found travel planning to be a total hassle, and quite overwhelming. They need something that helps them stay organized and within budget

A travel planning website that allows you to compare and book flights and accommodation and share it with friends in real time

My role:  UX/UI Designer and Researcher  (Individual Project)

Tools: Adobe CC, Adobe XD,Google Survey, Miro


As part of my research I conducted video call interviews and online surveys.

I found that 80% of my users were millennials, had a limited budget, and had limited leisure time.

Additionally, 50% of users felt overwhelmed by travel planning. Additionally, 22 surveys from users revealed that 46% of users travel for recreation and to meet other cultures and places.

“booking made difficult due to excessive advertisement on travel websites”
“I’m not super like into planning”

User Persona

After I  compiled and analyzed my data, I created my user persona, Gennie,  young millennial who loves to travel to meet other cultures and places. Just many other people her age, she has a budget that she must stick to,  she also works all the time and doesn’t have much time or patience for planning.

Story Board

My user, Gennie, is very hard working and needed a vacation, but the hassles of travel planning were stressing her out even more. She really does't have time for all of that! Fortunately she found Trippee, the travel app that help her find everything she need it and plan for the perfect vacation.

While doing my competitor analysis, I realized that most apps out there do not offered all the features users were looking for, and those who were close don't have the best deals.

For the app features I decided to focus on those which seem to be a bigger priority for users

After analyzing my data, I developed a value proposition:

An application to help users stay organized and plan a trip hassle free. Plan your entire trip, save itineraries, set reminders; or simple find a hotel.

Initial Wireframes

I started with a paper prototype in order to ideate the initial look and features of my app. Later I built my initial wireframes and begun to test them


Testing revealed that users were having trouble with some buttons and switches. I Iterated my prototype changing those button and making them more intuitive, and moved the menu to the bottom of the screen for better usability.

UI Style Tile

For my styled I picked colors that made the app look fresh and to give a vacation in paradise vibe.

Final Wireframes

Finally I incorporate the color pallet, logo, and character styles into my wireframes. Since most users interviewed said that they mainly travel for vacations, I wanted the overall aesthetics of the app to convey that idea.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, users want simple easy to use tools that can help them plan their trips hassle-free and without the overselling of traditional apps. Using design concepts, actions, and symbols that are familiar to the user, can help them navigate the application easier and make it feel more intuitive. Also, if the app is simple and easy to use, users are more likely to complete a task.