WeParty Collaborative Party Planning Website

Overview: WeParty is a party planning website that helps users collaborate, schedule, and delegate tasks. Making party planning easy so you can party hard.

Problem: Partying is fun but planning can be tedious and overwhelming, and collaborating is stressful.

My Role: UX/UI Designer

Tools: Adobe XD, Adobe Creative Suit, Invision Boards, Trello

Great Projects Start With Great Teams

We started this project in our first meeting. I had a list of of ideas that I had brainstormed the night before, then we assigned roles based on individual strengths.
I chose to be the UI and UX designer because I think I have a stronghold when it comes to visual elements and emphasizing with users.

Because Every Party is Unique


We begun our research and created an online survey using Google Docs, which we distributed on social media. The survey reached 55 people from around the world and it revealed the following:



Use a combination of good old pen/paper


Dislike either inviting guests, collaborating, or scheduling


View budgeting as a necessary evil but not as the focal point

but most importantly


Love watching everyone enjoy their party


Simultaneously, our researcher interviewed 5 users, one of which happened to be a professional event planner, and 4 that had or were planning small family events.
The interviews reveal facts that were very similar to those in the survey:

"It always seems like there are so many details that need to come together"

"It's rewarding to see it all come together and looking back on all of your hard work, and just being able to enjoy it."

"I prefer to write in a notebook because I like to see it on pen and paper"

User Persona

Once we gather our data, our researcher created Rachel Geller as our user persona.

Rachel Geller is a fun and bubbly middle class women who loves to host parties and small gatherings for her friends and family. Even though she loves parties, she is not fond of the planning process, specially when it comes to collaborations

Rachel is motivated by the idea of creating happy memories, yet she feels frustrating with having to keep up with all the details, scheduling, and tasks delegation.
Nevertheless she knows all will be worth it!

Affinity Diagram

After we gather information from 55 surveys and 5 user interviews we created an affinity diagram. This data visualization process helped us see who were our main party planners, what tools they're using, as well as their goals and pain points.

Priority Matrix

Based on the responses from user surveys and interviews we crated a priority matrix. Studies and data analysis reveals that the most important features for users were:

  • Checklist
  • Calendar and timeline
  • E-vites and RSVP tracking
  • Progress reports
  • Idea boards

Competitor Analysis

WeParty does not have any direct competitors! Indirect and replacement services include:

  • The Knot
  • Paperless Posts
  • Facebook Events
  • iOS Notes App
  • Paper/Pen
  • IRL Party planners

Sketching Wireframes

We begun by sketching wireframes on the whiteboard in order to decide the direction the website will take. We decided t have a side that in dashboard form that will help users stay organized and on top of the party planning process.


I started putting together some a moonboard for aesthetic inspiration. Me and Gabriela, the Project Manager, added different sections and picture for logos, style, ad colors. This in fact helped us determined the overall look and branding. We wanted to have a party vibe, but yet sophisticated.

Logo and Name

We had originally chosen to name the website "Anchor" as in the host to the party, but as we worked through it we thought that maybe other connotations of the word would take away from the actual purpose of the website. After discussing the matter we opted to name the website "WeParty" because it was fun, playful, and easy to remember.

Before the name change, I did a few versions of a logo and tested it on to see how it would look in dark mode. As a team, we chose the fourth style, which I later incorporated for "WeParty".

Style Tile

I created the style tile with our color pallet, icons, logo, typography, and images for inspiration. Although our main user are women we still more gender neutral colors, but with a feminine touch. We picked colors that evoke Mardi Gras and that were cheerful yet very sophisticated.

Style Guide

After my colleague added UI elements to or prototype, I was abled to finalized the style guide putting down all the elements that we would use on the project.

Initial Prototype and Testing

Key takeaways:
  • Our prototype ignored natural behaviors (eg. clicking on icons vs clicking on text)
  • Our users felt lost and overwhelm at various times (eg. too many elements)
  • Our labeling system needed more context (eg. headers and titles)


Marketing Landing Page

As part of our project we coded a marketing page where users can sign up to use our free service. The landing page is responsive and gives the user insights about our features. It also provides testimonials and social media links.

click to see live page

Final Product

Future Opportunities:

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