Art and Design

Graphic Design

Logo for Los Ojos del Sol features the name of the brand and the sun with a pupil inside of it replacing the letter "o"

Logo for a personal hand-made jewelry brand

Logo depicting a gray cicada with turquoise outlined wings, text reads Chicharra Tech

This logo was design for a web design business

Logo reads Miranda's authentic flavor and has a little agave plant with a vase in front of it

Taste the flavor of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Mandala in red
outlines of leave shapes arranged in radial symmetry, they are all a different color like a rainbow
black and white mandala
illustration of a blue mountain and purple hills
abstract illustration of waves and a sunny sky

Graphic Art

Digital drawing of a woman with a crown wearing white dress, and with blue background
Digital illustration of an old man or grandpa
Digital illustration of a teenage boy
Digital illustration of a young man with a beard

Fine Art

Oil paint of a tree shaped like two lovers locked in an embraced and a kiss
oil painting with an active volcano that has a heart coming from the volcano
A heart turned apart by broken trees in a gloomy landscape

Volunteer Wok

Lobo en piel de cordero
Gracias por seguirnos ido
Victimas de narcisistas